Saturday, October 16, 2010

Call Of Duty 7 : Black Ops

I can not wait waiting out Call Of Duty,COD 7: Black Ops. haha ... Do not know when the release date of the game. The game has a high graphic and appropriate play regardless of age. However, this game has elements of violence and violent as blood shot out the results. I've seen the game trailer.

I am very happy new COD coming out. I followed this game since the first COD. COD before this was very fun playing the COD 6: Modern Ware fare 2. I am very satisfied with the game and never tired of playing. very dramatic climax of this game is very impressive and closure. other than that, the characters used in this game as captain and captain price mactavish (soap) is very good. related to COD 5. Marks that I want to give the game was 10 per 10.

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