Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leave College!

yeah! .. final exams are finally finished! .. Now is the time for the holidays! But I do not know what to do during this holiday season. oh god, give me ideas what should I do to fill spare time this holiday. friends, you have no idea what I should do to fill my leisure time? hmm ... do I just need to help my mom at home? also a good idea. but I need a good activity for my health. was at 2 months of coughing I had not healed yet. oh my god! help me lah! hmm .. my mom say, better take advantage of this holiday by learning to drive. More benefits than just sleep and blogging is only a waste of time. my mom is also a good idea, but I have no money yet to pay a fee to drive training. boring!


  1. happynye....
    aku next week bru balik...

  2. haha...rlex ar...xlma lgi bha..

  3. same goes to me...no driving license, so susah nak pegi mane2...merempit jela boleh...hehe:)

  4. haha..tau xpe...boring3..jum tgok wyang nk..??..:)