Monday, November 8, 2010

Let us here about teenagers today!!

Teenagers nowadays a variety of types.... Some handsome, some cute, some are pretty, some are ugly, and many more. Hmm .. Actually, I did not want a story about it... I want stories about youth culture today is not the characteristics of the local Malay culture... They wear clothing that is very strange.... Their hair is a 'spike', 'skinhead'. What will become of teenagers today?...OMG..

The government is organizing a program that causes teens now affected with the culture of 'skinhead'.... Leavers 'SPM' forced to take the program even though there are a few of them do not want to follow the program..... Ouch! I am also involved in these things.... I really do not like it because they want balded our heads!...Hmm ..Anyway, the important thing, I've been free of such programs...wakakaka..e'e...

We're all the same.... Normally youth of today, to try new things, including me.... But I was not affected by the things that can damage the character... I prefer to live alone and live in a desert of darkness... I was' EMO wakakaka'....

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