Friday, November 5, 2010


At the corner of my dreamy far, recognition of something that might happen in our lives. Maybe yes or maybe not. Every time we are not able to guess that we will live each moment. Yes, even one time only 60 seconds, we are confident that we will live after that? 60 times per day, the angel of death would ask us "Are you ready to die? ". While we are rejoicing, not thinking about him. Perhaps at that time an angel without embarrassment attract reluctant to make their lives disbelief and disobedience. And perhaps there is someone who is humble worship of God is doomed to die...

We can not predict when death comes we are almost regardless of age. Every second, minute, hour and day we often sin that can not be calculated amount. In the world's only ambition and the pursuit of wealth without thinking about religion in our lives. Maybe sometimes we do not care where the arrival of abundant wealth. Whether lawful or unlawful. We are only concerned money and property solely for the pursuit of wealth in the world. Remember friends, wealth and fortune come by our creator...

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